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Kourtney Elongated Cushion Lab-grown Diamond

Kourtney Elongated Cushion Lab-grown Diamond


Meet Kourtney, an embodiment of elegance, featuring a 1.00ct elongated cushion Lab-Grown Diamond held by lab-diamond pave prongs and an invisible halo. The single-sided lab-diamond setting sparkles with side diamonds totaling 0.60ct. Kourtney symbolizes enduring love and ethical luxury, with certification affirming its authenticity.

  • Center Stone: Lab-grown diamond
  • Weight: 1.00ct
  • Color: F | Clarity: VS
  • Shape: Elongated Cushion
  • Certified stone


  • Side Stones: Lab-grown diamonds
  • Weight: 0.60 ct
  • Color: G | Clarity: VS
  • Shape: Round

SKU: AT3974+180-1

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